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Priest rewards families who give a child a Croatian name 
A Croatian priest is giving money to every family who gives a child a real Croatian name.

The priest, Petar Mikic from Ploce in southern Croatia, is giving 1,000 kunas or 135 Euros to every such family.

He gives the money to parents on the day of their child’s baptism. He has even hung a list of around 80 acceptable names on the door of his church to help parents choose an appropriate one, the daily "Slobodna Dalmacija" has reported.

Mikic believes it is a sign of respect for religion and folk customs for parents to give a child the right name. The priest claims it is worth using money "for preservation of national identity and the salvation of the nation" and claims families who respect tradition have more children. The priest wants young couples to have more than just one child.

He said: "Everything suspicious is out of the question! The dilution and disappearance of Croatia has to be stopped, and your nationality should be recognized by your name."

The priest wants young couples to have more than just one child.

The priest’s gifts of 1,000 kunas have caused a stir in Ploce, but most families who have received them are giving the money back to the priest for church renovation.  
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